Information Technologies

Hosting services

  • Managed services hosted by your cloud subscription (AWS/Azure/Google)
  • Hybrid managed services stretched from your on-premise to our managed cloud hosting
  • Managed services hosted by our DC (availability up to 99-99,5%)
  • Hybrid managed services hosted by combination of our on-premise and our managed cloud subscription for the disaster recovery (availability up to 99,9%)
  • Highly available managed services hosted by our Cloud environment (availability up to 99,9-99,99%)

Technologies we may help you with

  • Domains (.cz, .com, ..,), CDN and security (TLS/SSL)
  • Identity management and mailboxes
  • SQL a NoSQL databases
  • Data backup & recovery
  • Application operations (PHP, Django, NodeJS, Java, .NET and more)
  • DevOps pipeline design and configuration
  • Performance tuning of application platforms
  • Enterprise architecture and solution design for both infrastructure and application platforms
  • Design and setup of auto-scaling, high availability, disaster recovery
  • Monitoring of services availability and performance
  • Selection and implementation of information systems
  • Application containerization and orchestration (Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes)
  • 3rd party services integration
  • Testing automation
  • P2S, S2S VPN